Texas Council of Engineering Laboratories

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Member Firms

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All-Terra Materials Testing Inc.

5906 Jessamine, Suite B-8

Houston, Texas 77081

Contact:  Haddis Tewolde, PE

Contact:  Jim Anderson

Phone: 713-574-2371

Fax: 713-574-2372

E-mail: htewolde@all-terra.com

E-mail: janderson@all-terra.com

Alliance Geotechnical Group, Inc.
3228 Halifax Street
Dallas, Texas 75247
Contact:  Mr. Frank Shirazi
Contact:  Mr. Mark Farrow, P.E.

Phone:  972-444-8889
Fax:  972-444-8893
E-mail: fshirazi@aggengr.com
E-mail: mfarrow@aggengr.com

Alliance Laboratories, Inc.
5650 Guhn Rd., Ste. 118
Houston, Texas 77040
Contact:  Mr. Larry Lanz

Phone: 713-934-8999
Fax:  713-934-8905
E-mail: llanz@alliancelabs.net

Austin-Reed Engineers, LLC

6830 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Suite 209

Houston, Texas 77041

Contact:  Syndey Austin

Contact:  Ron Reed

Phone:  832-467-0088

Fax:  832-467-0505

E-mail: saustin@austin-reedengineers.com

E-mail: rreed@austin-reedengineers.com

Aviles Engineering Corp.    

5790 Windfern

Houston, Texas 77041

Contact:  Dr. Dionel Aviles, P.E.

Contact:  Dr. Ron Ortwerth, P.E.

Phone:  713-895-7645

Fax:  713-895-7943

E-mail: daviles@avilesengineering.com

E-mail: rortwerth@avilesengineering.com


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Coastal Testing Laboratories, Inc.

307 E. Pasadena Freeway

Pasadena, Texas 77506

Contact:  Mr. Henry Pena, Sr.

Phone:  713-477-0121

Fax:  713-477-2277

E-mail: coastalt@swbell.net



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ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc.

1717 East Erwin

Tyler, Texas  75702

Contact:  Steve Richards, P.E.

Phone:   903-595-4421

Fax:  903-595-6113

E-mail:  srichards@ettlinc.com

Earth Engineering

4877 Langfield

Houston, TX 77040

Contact: Moe A Shihadeh, P.E

Phone: 713-681-5311

Fax:  713-681-5411

E-mail: moes@eartheng.com

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Fugro Consultants, Inc.

8613 Cross Park Drive

Austin, TX 78754

Contact:  Pete H. Bush, P.E.

Phone:  512-977-1800

Fax:  512-973-9966

E-mail: pbush@fugro.com

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Geotech Engineering & Testing, Inc.

800 Victoria Drive

Houston, Texas  77022-2908

Contact:  Mr. David Eastwood, P.E.

Phone:  713-699-4000

Fax:  713-699-9200

E-mail:  davideastwood@geotecheng.com

Geotest Engineering, Inc.

5600 Bintliff

Houston, Texas 77036

Contact: Ravi Raj Yanamandala

Phone:   713-266-0588

Fax:  713-266-2977

E-mail: ravi@geotesteng.com

Globe Engineers, Inc.

17819 Davenport Road, Suite 240

Dallas, Texas 75252

Contact: Fay Saremi, PE, PMP

Phone: 972-713-3030

Fax: 972-713-3029

E-mail:  fsaremi@globeengineers.com

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HTS, Inc. Consultants

P.O. Box 10348

Houston, Texas  77206

Contact:   Mr. Terry Jackson, P.E.


Fax:  713-692-8502

E-mail:  terry@htshouston.com

HVJ Associates, Inc.

6120 S. Dairy Ashford Road

Houston, Texas  77072

Contact:   Mr. Herbert V. Johnson, P.E.

Phone:  281-933-7388

Fax:  281-933-7293

E-mail:  hjohnson@hvj.com






Kenall, Inc.

8101 Westglen Drive

Houston, Texas  77063

Contact:   Kris Prasad

Phone:  832-251-8200

Fax:  832-251-8201

E-mail:  kris.prasad@kenallinc.com

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Ninyo & Moore, Inc.

2313 W. Sam Houston Parkway North, Ste 119

Houston, Texas  77043

Contact:   Mr. Jay Sunderwala

Phone:  713-973-8400

Fax:   713-973-8450

E-mail: jsunderwala@ninyoandmoore.com


3730 Dacoma Street

Houston, Texas  77092

Contact:   Mr. Michael Lavelle

Phone:  713-224-2047

Fax:   713-224-8914

E-mail: mike.lavelle@psiusa.com

Paradigm Consultants, Inc.

9980 W. Sam Houston Parkway South, Ste 500

Houston, Texas  77099

Contact:   Woodward L. Vogt, P.E.

Contact:   Gregory D. Hartwig, V.P.

Phone:  713-686-6771

Fax:  713-686-6795

E-mail: woody@paradigmconsultants.com

E-mail: greg@paradigmconsultants.com








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Raba Kistner Consultants, Inc.

P.O. Box 690287

San Antonio, Texas 78269

Contact:   Richard Kistner, P.E.

Phone:  210-699-9090 

Fax:   210-699-6426

E-mail:   rkistner@rkci.com

Rodriguez Engineering Laboratories

13809 Turbine Drive
Ausin, Texas  78728

Contact:   Mr. Oscar Rodriguez, P.E.

Phone: 512-251-4454
Fax: 512-251-1380

E-mail:   rodriguezlab@aol.com





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11555 Clay Road, Ste. 100

Houston, Texas  77043

Contact:   Mr. Jeff Roberts , P.E.

Contact:   Mr. Harold Cobb, P.E.

Phone:  713-691-8989

Fax:   713-690-8787

E-mail: jcroberts@terracon.com

E-mail: chcobb@terracon.com

The Murillo Company

10325 Landsbury Dr., Ste 400

Houston, Texas  77099

Contact:   Mr. J. Ray Murillo, P.E.

Phone:  281-933-9702

Fax:  281-933-1051

E-mail:  raym@murillocompany.com

Tolunay-Wong Engineers, Inc.
10710 S. Sam Houston Parkway. # 100
Houston, Texas 77031
Contact:  Mr. Daniel Wong, P.E.
Phone:  713-722-7064
Fax:  713-722-0319
E-mail: dwong@tweinc.com

T. Smith Inspection and Testing Services, Inc.

7353 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, Texas  76118

Contact:   Mr. Terry Smith

Phone: 817-589-9933
Fax: 817-590-4433

E-mail:   tsmith@tsitservices.com

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